The event will take place from 09:00 (BST) on the 25 June 2020 and is jointly organised by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation and the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network – both Commonwealth accredited organisations.

Focus will be on access gaps and uptake of digital technology, with a view of what nations can do to ensure information and communication technologies remain central to people’s daily lives, while facing challenges during the largest lockdown in modern history.

Connecting all through ICT, the promotion of online services and solutions in the Health, Education, Disaster Management sectors among others and regulation and initiatives to ensure countries continue to invest in digital technologies will be explored.

The Internet based technologies and applications such as artificial intelligence, cloud, and infrastructure improvements including 5G or basic broadband provision can ensure that trading continues in the hostile environment we are experiencing and allow women and men to have an opportunity to learn and develop technical skills in a virtual world

Adobe PDF icon The State of the Digital Economy in the Commonwealth

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