COMMONWEALTH INNOVATION is a digital platform dedicated to creating shared value for the Commonwealth by connecting, harnessing and unleashing the innovative potential of its 54 member countries and 2.4 billion citizens to overcome the most critical challenges on the path to sustainable development.

This platform is a knowledge-sharing exchange, a networking forum and an interactive repository of news, data, expertise and digital resources that have been created by Commonwealth organisations and their partners to catalyse innovation in Commonwealth countries.

The platform has four key facets:

  1. To explore useful news and information and connect all the members of the Commonwealth family: 54 Member States, 87 Commonwealth organisations and dozens of partner institutions.
  2. To offer a treasure trove/datahub that could help generate more evidence-based policies and innovative programmes and projects across the Commonwealth.
  3. To be a cost-effective ‘single-window’ knowledge portal for the dissemination of all knowledge products, services and policy toolkits that Commonwealth organisations and partner institutions produce for the benefit of governments and other key stakeholders in Commonwealth countries.
  4. To be a beehive of collaboration and a digital laboratory for opportunities and innovative ideas that can be turned into transformational solutions for overcoming one or more of the critical developmental challenges that Commonwealth countries face.

The Commonwealth Innovation platform is a shared resource for all members of the Commonwealth family, including our partners. If you’d like to find out more about the platform, if you’d like to contribute to it in some way, if you’d like to partner with us, or if you have any suggestions on how we could make this platform more effective and useful for all, please get in touch