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Rufino and researchers Fiji

Rufino Varea

Fiji is an island nation of unparalleled natural beauty. However, its pristine coastal ecosystems are increasingly threatened by accumulating waste and...

Elizabeth Kperrun

Elizabeth Kperrun is the CEO of Zenafri who work with African children and young adults in creating mobile applications and video content that educate...
Jaydeep Mandal India

Jaydeep Mandal

Jaydeep Mandal is the founder and managing director of Aakar Innovations, a hybrid social enterprise that enables women to produce and distribute affordable,...
Rayvon Stewart Jamaica

Rayvon Stewart

Five years ago more than 40 babies born in Jamaican hospitals became infected with a lethal bacteria - half of them died. The bacteria Klebsiella is spread...
Christopher Nesbitt Belize

Christopher Nesbitt

Christopher Nesbitt is the director of Maya Mountain Research Farm, a former degraded citrus and cattle farm that is a registered NGO. Since 1988, applying...
John Oroko Kenya

John Oroko

John Oroko is social entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Selina Wamucii, a pan-African social enterprise that integrates smallholder farmers, pastoralists...
Leilua Lino Samoa

Leilua Lino

Leilua was raped by her own biological father at the age of nine and was placed in the Samoa Victim Support Group’s (SVSG) shelter and care in 2011....
Wayne Neale Saint Lucia

Wayne Neale

Wayne Neale is the COO of Greening the Caribbean. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a Masters in Community Economic Development in the...
Rosette Muhoza Rwanda

Rosette Muhoza

Rosette Muhoza co-founded My Green Home a social enterprise that promotes environmental sustainability through recycling plastic wastes into construction...
Nitesh Kumar Jangir India

Nitesh Kumar Jangir

Nitesh Jangir is an electronics engineer specialising in embedded system design, with experience that includes stints working in defence and industrial...
Noor Shahiwan Malaysia

Noor Shahiwan bin Ismail

As a strong believer in social entrepreneurship, Shahiwan is actively promoting solar technology to satisfy the electricity needs of developing countries...
Sagufta Salma Janif Fiji

Sagufta Salma Janif

Sagufta from Fiji turns waste material into sustainable furniture and home accessories. She says a lack of access to proper waste disposal in Fiji drove...