Nauru is integrating water services security and climate resilience into planning and investment decision-making processes for water services provision.

Following the Government of Nauru’s launch of the 2017 Nauru Water and Sanitation Master Plan, a review which focuses on the existing water and sanitation status and provides an infrastructure investment programme over a 20-year planning landscape will cater for current and future water services’ needs.

The review is supported and guided by the Pacific Community’s Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division, and channelled through the Regional Pacific Hub as part of efforts to combat climate change. It focuses on the technical, institutional, and governance challenges that are unique to Nauru, identifying whether proposed actions are still relevant, or alternative options should be considered.

The recommendations provided are aimed at improving the quality of water and sanitation services, using a combination of harvested rainwater, groundwater, and desalinated water through improved infrastructure.