During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaif, a 20 year old architecture student, researched how architecture could prevent the spread of disease. He designed a prefabricated sustainable shelter, SpaceEra, that would not only help reduce transmission of the virus but could also house refugees worldwide in the future.

Kaif’s design has been recognised by the UN under the top 11 emerging innovation start-ups solving climate challenges. He is now known for motivating his fellow youth trying to imitate his approach to start their own sustainability projects and initiatives.

SpaceEra website


What does winning the Commonwealth Innovation Award mean to you/your organization?

“Winning the Commonwealth Innovation Award lifts my confidence to a greater level and motivates to me work even harder than yesterday and innovate unprecedented solutions to achieve a sustainable future. I pledge to become the voice of the youth transforming the Commonwealth and to Be the Change!”

How would you use being the recipient of this award to influence others and how would it impact your career?“I plan to conduct mentorship programs for grass route innovators to enrich their knowledge and motivate them to work towards social and environmental issues. In the upcoming year, I wish to pursue a Masters in Architecture and harness my future career towards STEM innovations and youth leadership in the multilateral domain. I aim to devote my career towards the well-being of the mass.”