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Commonwealth SDG Tracker

The Commonwealth SDG Tracker presents a comprehensive snapshot of the progress 54 Commonwealth countries are making towards achieving the 169 targets that define the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The tracker is based on the data that underpins the 2019 SDG Index published by the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). The index is a composite of the most credible data available for 114 indicators including 85 global indicators. However, where there is insufficient data for an official indicator or to overcome data gaps, other metrics from official and unofficial providers are also used in the index. For detailed information on the methodology, data selection, data sources, imputations, construction of the index including normalisation and calculation of thresholds please refer to the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

The tracker provides a comprehensive assessment of distance to targets based on the most up to date data available across all Commonwealth countries. The index score signifies a country’s position between the worst (0) and the best or target (100) outcomes – highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each country on the 17 SDGs.

The Commonwealth story so far

The Commonwealth SDG tracker indicates that, collectively, Commonwealth countries have made the most significant progress on SDG13: Climate Action and SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production with an average score of 82.32 and 78.75, respectively.

Commonwealth countries in the Pacific have made the most significant progress on SDG16: Peace and Justice, Strong Institutions with a score of 80.56 while as a region, member states in Africa, with a score of 56.07, are lagging the most.

An average score of 30.06 on SDG9 indicates that among the 17 SDGs, the greatest challenge Commonwealth countries face is supporting industry, innovation and infrastructure. There is significant variation in the progress that individual countries have made in achieving SDG4: Quality Education. With a score of 99.92 Canada is the member state making the most impressive progress on this SDG while Nigeria with a score of 32.13 has made the least progress so far.

Taking the score for all 17 SDGs into account, the Commonwealth average of 61.49 is slightly below the average score of 66.80 for the rest of the world.

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SDG dashboard comparison

The SDG tiles provide a comparison of regional and country performance for each SDG.