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SDG 4: Expected Years of Female Education

Wide disparity between Commonwealth countries on the expected years of female education

Source: World Bank (2018)

Data available for 2014 shows Australia had the highest expected years of female education amongst all the Commonwealth countries at 20.95, while Pakistan has the lowest at 7.38 years. The Commonwealth average (based on the countries for which data is available) of 13.93 was higher than the World average of 12.22.

Globally, 1.4 in 10 children out of school globally, are from the Commonwealth

As of 2016, the Commonwealth countries account for 14% of the total children out of school that are of primary-school age but not enrolled in primary or secondary school globally. 57% of the 9 million children out of school in the Commonwealth are female, i.e. for every 5 children not in school in the Commonwealth, approximately 3 are female. Globally, the split is almost the same between males and females.