You can access the Commonwealth’s books, documents and other resources in a number of different ways.

Physical library and archives
The Commonwealth’s physical library and archives are in Marlborough House in London. They contain publications by and about the Commonwealth, as well as historical documents.
Find out more about the library and archives collection

Online catalogue
You can search the library and archive catalogue online.
Some items are available to look at online. To see the rest you need to make an appointment to visit Marlborough House.

Visit the library and archives
Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10am to 4.45pm. Call 020 7747 6164 or email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Digital iLibrary
The Commonwealth iLibrary is an online library of publications by the Commonwealth. They are all available to read for free. Some are available for free download. For a subscription fee you can download all publications and access special features.
Commonwealth iLibrary

Online bookshop
You can also buy print and digitial copies of books and documents published by the Commonwealth Secretariat in the Commonwealth’s online bookshop 
Online bookshop

Commonwealth image library
The Commonwealth Secretariat’s image library holds 1000’s of photos from around the Commonwealth. You can download and use photos as long as you credit the Commonwealth Secretariat.
Commonwealth image library