Alfred Cook has spent a lifetime on the ocean and the last 17 years working in fisheries conservation and management. Since 2012, he has worked as the Western and Central Pacific Tuna Programme Manager for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) out of Wellington, New Zealand. His focus is on improving tuna fisheries management at a national and regional level through policy improvements, market tools, and technological innovation. Commonwealth Innovation Awards 2019 Planet category winner.

Over the past year, WWF Australia, New-Zealand, and Fiji piloted the use of blockchain for sustainable tuna with ConsenSys, SeaQuest Fiji (Fijian fishing company), TraSEAble (a Fiji IT company) as part of its Panda Labs innovation programme.

The vision is to increase the sustainability of fishing in the Pacific Ocean, reduce worker exploitation and increase economic opportunity and access to global markets by creating a transparent and traceable supply chain solution for fresh and frozen supply chain.

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