The project aims to create decent work and inclusive sustainable growth for Barbadian citizens through increased local participation in the supply of goods and services to the energy sector in-country value chain. This will be achieved through strengthening the enabling framework for local content development and implementation of a local content development programme to increase Barbadian citizens’ competitiveness and access to business opportunities in the energy value chain in the country.

The key project activities include:
  • formulation of a local content development policy.
  • drafting of local content regulations.
  • detailed diagnostic and assessment study to establish the competitiveness and potential of local producers and suppliers in supplying international companies operating in the energy sector in Barbados.
  • technical support in facilitating negotiations to establish business linkages between the international energy companies (IECs) and local producers and suppliers of goods and services.
  • seminars for local manufacturers and local service providers to improve their competitiveness and access to business opportunities in the energy value chain in Barbados.
  • consultancy services support to local businesses to improve their capacity to meet procurement requirements by IECs including participating in bidding process.
  • capacity building through on the job training for government officials in the oversight of local content requirements by international companies.
  • developing a 15-year long term strategy for the implementation of a financial and technical assistance programme (FTAP) to enhance competitiveness of local producers and suppliers.
  •  establishment of a secretariat of the FTAP and supporting funding facility for local businesses – FTAP fund.
  • preparation of guidelines, legislation, and agreement for the establishment of FTAP fund board of trustees and board of management.
Project duration: 2 years
Project budget: USD 575,000

This project is implemented by the Commonwealth Secretariat partnering with the Barbadian Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship which is the main partner Government institution, the Ministry of Industry and International Business, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, and Office of the Attorney General in Barbados; the Barbados Manufacturing Association; the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry; the Barbados Coalition of Service Providers; the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation, the Technical, Vocational, Educational Training Council and the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology.

The project was granted final approval from the India UN Partnership Fund Board to receive funding in September 2020 and the process is underway to release funds for project implementation to commence.

Project update

June 2020 Detailed Prodoc preparation in consultation with UNOSSC, UNOPS, and Government of Barbados.
July 2020 Finalisation of the Prodoc involving consultative meetings between UNOSSC, UNOPS and ComSec. Completion of UNOPS Due Diligence on ComSec.
August 2020 Internal UNOPS project approval process completed, including provision of inputs e.g. Gantt Chart of project activities by ComSec to facilitate this process.
September 2020 Providing drafting inputs in connection with 3rd Anniversary of the India-UN Development Partnership Fund.
October 2020 Preparation of draft AWP in collaboration with UNOPS, and consultation with Government.
November 2020 AWP finalised in consultation with the Government of Barbados
November 2020 to September 2021 As part of the implementation phase various key project milestones have been fulfilled:

  • Completion of a final ToR for a local content consultant specializing in the energy industry which has been approved by the Government of Barbados.
  • Completion of the first draft of the Energy Local Content Development Policy for Barbados which has been submitted to the Government of Barbados for their input.
  • Completion of the first draft Local Content Regulations which has been submitted to the Government of Barbados for their input.
  • Annual Financial Work Plan completed and approved by UNOPS.
  • Project Cooperation Agreement between UNOPS and Secretariat completed and signed off by both parties.
  • Completed Secretariat’s account registration with UNOPS for project funds.
  • Completed the Supplier Registration Form to enable funds transfer from UNOPS to the Secretariat for project implementation.