The Commonwealth Foundation’s critical conversations answering pressing questions about the Commonwealth’s future.

The three-part series addresses the future of the Commonwealth, ten years after a major report called for a radical rethink of the organisation. Conversations revolve around the Commonwealth’s responses to the issues that matter to its people such as Covid-19, climate change, inequality and aim to answer the following questions:

  • ‘Is the Commonwealth fit for purpose?’
  • What kind of Commonwealth does the world need?
  • How can the Commonwealth become something that truly matters to the 2.4 billion ‘citizens’ of this unique union?

Hosted by award-winning Kenyan journalist Victoria Rubadiri, each episode features a range of speakers, from young Commonwealth activists to government officials debating the future of the Commonwealth and what is needed to secure its long-term relevance, its role in overcoming challenges facing Commonwealth people today, including the climate crisis and the pandemic response.

Episode 1: What does it mean to be a ‘citizen’ of the Commonwealth?

This episode explores what it means to be a ‘citizen’ of the Commonwealth.

Episode 2: Crisis, opportunities and multilateralism

What role does the Commonwealth play, and should play, in the big issues that really matter to its people?

Episode 3: A Commonwealth fit for purpose – where to from here?

Are the institutions of the Commonwealth fit for the future?

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