The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) has developed a handbook for the benefit of the CPA’s 180 Parliaments and Legislatures.

The Engagement, Education and Outreach Handbook: Creating Open, Accountable and Transparent Institutions is a practical resource to strengthen the public engagement and outreach focus. It has been developed with the support and cooperation of national and subnational Legislatures across the Commonwealth and covers a broad spectrum of topics including:

  • how to develop youth engagement activities
  • how to target the right audiences; how to utilise social media
  • how to ensure public input into committee inquiries
  • how to effectively monitor and evaluate outreach and engagement activities to ensure maximum impact.

The Handbook is filled with tips, case studies, templates, checklists and many other useful and accessible tools and resources which Parliaments can quickly extract and utilise for their own practical use.

Download the Engagement, Education and Outreach Handbook Adobe PDF icon