Commonwealth Alliance for Youth Entrepreneurs
The Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAYE) works to strengthen and support the ambitions of young entrepreneurs in Commonwealth regions. These regional networks ensure they have a combined voice and representation at forums to influence policy development on youth entrepreneurship.

Commonwealth Correspondents
Commonwealth Correspondents is a pioneering network of young and aspiring journalists and social commentators that publish articles, interviews and comment pieces on issues of mutual concern. 

Commonwealth Equality Network
The Commonwealth Equality Network is a network of Commonwealth civil society organisations working to challenge inequality in the Commonwealth, based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Commonwealth Students Association
The Commonwealth Students’ Association is the coalescence of the student organisations within the Commonwealth. Their role is to be an independent advocate for students throughout the Commonwealth which brings student concerns to the forefront of educational development.

Commonwealth Youth Council
The Council is the voice for young people in the 54 countries of the Commonwealth and the largest and most diverse youth-led organisation in the world. It plays an integral role in advancing the youth development agenda and in the co-ordination of activities and policies of the Commonwealth in the field of youth.

Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network
With the support of the Commonwealth Youth Programme , the Network aims to build the capacity of Commonwealth youth and their organisations by improving their active role in addressing climate change and other environmental issues.

Commonwealth Youth, Gender and Equality Network
The Commonwealth Youth Gender & Equality Network is a youth led, and focused network which actively promotes and supports the meaningful inclusion of youth voices on gender equality issues in local, national, regional, Commonwealth and international agendas.

Commonwealth Youth Health Network
A platform for young people to advocate and engage on global issues related to health, through individual and collective action, as well as through partnerships with other youth structures and key institutions at national, international and Commonwealth level.

Commonwealth Youth Human Rights and Democracy Network
The Network provides a platform for collaboration with young people on important national, regional and global human rights issues. It also strengthens the capacity of young people to engage with their communities, policy-makers and wider stakeholders. Its priority areas include disability rights, anti-discrimination and domestic violence.

Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network
The Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network brings together young people from across the Commonwealth to upscale and optimise grassroots, national, regional and Pan-Commonwealth efforts to promote peace, respect and understanding and preventing violent extremism.

Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Working Group
The Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Network promotes the use of sport as a tool for achieving development objectives in youth development. It aspires to be: The leading voice for youth in the Commonwealth towards promoting best practices in sport for development and peace in their respective societies – by targeting young people and policy makers.

Women Mediators Across the Commonwealth Network
The Network brings together women from different backgrounds and with different experiences of mediating conflict to learn from each other. The network advocates for greater recognition of the crucial work done by women mediators at all levels – from the local to the global.