Join the Commonwealth Innovation Network

With 56 member countries across the world, many professional, business, civil society and youth networks, and 2.5 billion people working together to promote peace, prosperity and liberty – the Commonwealth of Nations is a network like no other. This group is the digital networking platform for all Commonwealth networks, all Commonwealth and partner organisations and all Commonwealth people to share information and knowledge, to connect with each other, to explore ideas collaboratively, to build innovative partnerships and co-create a future that can enable Commonwealth countries achieve their common goals.

This group is a platform for constructive discussion, information sharing and partnership building that will benefit the members of the Commonwealth Innovation Network and help advance the shared objectives of the 54 Commonwealth countries. Group members are most welcome to invite others to join the network. Members are encouraged to contribute, comment, post and have a dialogue with other network members. Typically, posts should relate to:

a. Professional networking

b. Building partnerships

c. Funding opportunities

d. Collaborating and sharing ideas

How to join the network

Just search for ‘Commonwealth Innovation Network’ once you have logged into LinkedIn and with one click you can immediately start sharing, co-creating and partnering with innovators in every part of the Commonwealth and beyond!