The Commonwealth Education Trust is a leading institution for the promotion of educational resources in lower income Commonwealth countries.

Today, its modern online Teach2030 platform reaches teachers in the most remote areas across the world to provide bite-size, digital learning courses contextualised for their challenging setting. By improving teacher performance, Teach2030 will improve the lives of millions of children fast, supporting the economic survival of underserved communities who are at the epicentre of the current and worsening global education crisis.

Teach2030’s role is to provide both the digital programme and implementation support to both government and educational partners to build their capacity to ensure long-term, sustainable and effective continuous professional learning to teachers. Baseline and end-line data, plus interviews with teachers, head teachers and in-country partners, evidences Teach2030 courses have had a significant impact on both teaching and digital skills.

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What does your organisation hope to achieve after your success in the Innovation Awards?

“We hope that through this prestigious recognition, many more people and organisations across the world would be made aware of our innovation so we can partner with them to deliver our programme. In a post-pandemic world one of the ways to help children receive qualitative education is through the integration of EdTech such as our Teach2020 program. This award has encouraged us to continue to empower and upskill more teachers so that more children will learn better”.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing to nurture and expand your innovation and its impact?

“One of the challenges we are facing is in securing the funding to enable us implement effective distribution and business models. We would also like to expand Teach2030 curriculum to offer more pathways and more courses. Lastly, want to find the right partnerships with the private sector through CSR as we feel they have a great role to play in enabling the sustainability of their future workforce and supporting the communities they operate in”.