Oluwatomisin (Tomi) Kolawole is the founder and CEO of Vinsighte, a digital health venture which uses AI to aid the visually impaired to read printed books independently and conveniently.

Vinsighte’s aim to give access to diagnostic tools, ultrasonic guiding aids, smart glasses and other services to aid the visually impaired population. Vinsighte has thousands of active users and has raised and generated thousands of dollars in revenue.

Tomi is passionate about using technology and innovation to transform Africa and aims to further influence and impact other youths in his community to be innovative and drive positive change in Africa.

Vinsighte website


What are your plans or what do you hope to achieve with your innovation in the next few years?

“Our goal at Vinsighte is to further expand our impact across Africa within the next 3 years. We would be working on creating more solutions that would foster inclusiveness and job opportunities for the visually impaired and persons with disability and in the process  aim to increase our beneficiaries and customers to over 100,000 persons.”

What kind of support would you like to grow your innovation from other stakeholders such government, international organizations and the business community?

“We see partnerships and collaboration as a great means for scaling our technology and impact, so we are open to the opportunity to partner with organizations and institutions that can further collaborate with us to develop our technology and business. We are also open to investments that would drive our bid to scale our technology and impact across Africa and Europe.”