Elizabeth Grace’s passion for the environment and sustainability has been realized through Aggie Global Pty Ltd an ecommerce platform to help farmers connect to new buyers and to earn a better living to support themselves and their families.

Aggie Global is a social business that enables farmers to access new markets and address poverty in remote communities. For buyers, they now have a way to buy locally grown produce online and support Fijian farmers from home. Through their ecommerce platform and workshops, Aggie Global has helped farmers increase their income by up to 5 times.

Aggie Global’s website


What are your plans or what do you hope to achieve with your innovation in the next few years?

“Over the next few years, Aggie Global aims to increase and spread our impact across the Asia-Pacific. We will be duplicating our Fijian model in other Pacific Islands to connect remote farmers to new markets. We will also be mimicking this model in Australia as we work with indigenous suppliers to wild harvest and create new products from their traditional foods.”

What kind of support would you like to grow your innovation from other stakeholders such government, international organisations and the business community?

“To best support us and our farmers, we recently launched our Crowdfunding Campaign, which acts as a monthly subscription so you can make positive social impact in Fiji, every month. Your impact will range from providing boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to families in need, where all products are sourced locally; to sponsoring a workshop to empower our farmers.”